Tell McDonald’s: Time to Act on Sexual Harassment

One year ago, McDonald’s workers said “no more” to the rampant sexual harassment and blatant retaliation they were experiencing on the job. With support from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, 10 women filed charges against McDonald’s. Hundreds more walked out of restaurants during the lunch rush, in an historic strike against sexual harassment. And McDonald’s has failed to respond adequately.

Now, more workers have bravely stepped forward to file 23 shocking new complaints of harassment and retaliation that have occurred recently at McDonald’s restaurants.

TIME’S UP. We’re calling on McDonald’s to end its workplace culture of sexual harassment and to act swiftly to improve the dangerous conditions at its locations worldside.

Add your name to TIME’S UP’s letter and tell McDonald’s leaders you refuse to stand by as they neglect harassment and abuse in the workplace.


Read TIME'S UP's full letter to McDonald's below:

Dear Steve Easterbrook, Chris Kempczinski, Enrique Hernandez, Jr. and Members of the Board of the McDonald’s Corporation,

When people reported getting sick from McDonald’s salad, you immediately pulled lettuce from 3,000 of your restaurants, whether they were run by the corporation or a franchisee. You acted swiftly to protect your customers and to provide the McDonald’s signature consistency that the world knows and loves. This was the right move. It was a public health crisis.

And yet, another public health crisis the rampant sexual harassment of your workers persists at your restaurants and you continue to neglect it, as if you are powerless to fix it.

One year ago, with the support of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, women working at McDonald’s restaurants in nine cities across the country filed sexual harassment charges against your company. A few months after these cases were filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), McDonald’s workers made history when they walked off the job during the lunch rush, staging the first multi-state strike against sexual harassment in U.S. history.

A year has passed and McDonald’s has failed to respond adequately, putting workers’ safety on the line. Today, additional workers have bravely stepped forward to file disturbing new EEOC complaints of harassment, abuse and retaliation that have occurred recently at McDonald’s restaurants. TIME’S UP has a simple but profound vision: a world that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds. If McDonald’s is to become the “modern, progressive burger company” you aspire to be, you could join with us to bring our vision to life for McDonald’s workers worldwide.

It’s time for McDonald’s to take affirmative steps to change the dangerous conditions that have persisted at your locations around the globe. Here’s how to show McDonald’s workers’ safety and dignity is your priority, from your corporate headquarters in Chicago to your restaurant branches and franchises:

  • Provide comprehensive training, system-wide, for employees and managers including what bystanders can do.
  • Require that all stores corporate and franchised protect their workers from sexual assault and harassment.
  • Ensure that there is a fair and effective process for reporting incidents of harassment, that employees know their rights and managers their responsibilities.
  • Guarantee that workers do not face retaliation if they report harassment.
  • Commit to transparency about the amount of harassment that occurs in all stores, corporate and franchised and what actions the company takes when it does.

If you can protect your customers from bad lettuce, you can protect your workers from sexual harassment and assault. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund is proud to support the McDonald’s workers fighting for their safety, dignity and respect at work, but the truth is protecting the 1.9 million people who work at McDonald’s from sexual harassment, assault and retaliation is your responsibility.

Your workers can’t wait any longer. For over a year, you’ve refused to act on behalf of the 15-year-old cashier at a McDonald’s restaurant in St. Louis who reported sexual harassment to her manager and was told that she would “never win that battle” and not to try. You’ve refused to act on behalf of one of your workers in Chicago who was asked by her manager if she wanted to see his penis, reported it to a supervisor, and was then fired. You’ve refused to act on behalf of one of your workers in New Orleans who complained about a co-worker groping her and was told by her manager that she was “probably giving sex appeal” and should “take it to the next level with him.” The harassment and abuse of these women, and that of the additional workers who filed their cases today, is the result of McDonald’s failure to take adequate action.  

Today, tomorrow and for as long as it takes, know this: TIME’S UP is committed, on behalf of McDonald’s workers everywhere, to assure that these concerns are not ignored.  


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